Connemara Event Stallion

14.2hh Connemara Stallion 2010


Dougal (as he is called at home) is a lovely young stallion with an outstanding jump and an amazing temperament. He is a very versatile stallion and is ideal to cross with any type of mare. He is bred to jump and this, together with his excellent trainability should produce exciting children's ponies as well as Eventers for the more serious competitors when used on larger mares.


Photo by Matt Nuttall

Dougal winning the BE100 at Buckminster Horse Trials 2015.

 Dougal winning the BE100 at Buckminster Horse Trials 2016, just to prove that last years win was no fluke!  Whereas the sun shone last year, this year it poured with rain.
Photo by Matt Nuttall

Dougal watching his semen leaving Gamston Airfield!


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Dougal has been tested as Negative for HWSD and is also Negative for the creme gene. He is homozygous black so should not produce chestnut foals.

His stud fee is £400  NFFR. Fresh and Chilled semen available. There is then a semen collection fee of £84 and Postage where applicable, payable to the Stud. He walks in at the Hockerwood Stud, Upton, Nr Newark, Notts. NG23 5TA

Mares visiting Hockerwood Stud are required to have a Strangles blood test to check that they are not a carrier.


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BCPS Performance awards.
Lucy and Dougal are superstars!!!!
Lucy shows Mummy how to do it!!!
Qualification for BE JAZ Final ......
Exciting weekend at Osberton.....

Great start to 2017.....
They are off to America....!!!!!!!!
Dougal does the Hat Trick!!!

Exciting Blenheim....
Burghley Stallion parade....
6th in his first BE Novice....
Polishing his halo again!!!!
Dougal wins his first BE Event of 2016


The Burghley Stallion Parade

Copyright Carole Mortimer

Dougal at his SHB(GB) Grading where he graded as a Premium Stallion.
Photo by Carole Mortimer

Nicola's 9 year old daughter Lucy, having fun on her favorite pony. Look out Mummy you may lose the ride soon!!!